Step One: Understanding You

We gain an understanding of  your culture; challenges; get to know your environment, and the industry you operate in, to work with you to identify your desired outcomes from your programme.

Step Two: The Serious Stuff

You will be provided with a proposal that will include a programme and a quote.

Step Three: The Nitty Gritty

Have each of your team complete an analysis tool to understand individual working styles. Learn about your own working style and those around you, guided by our facilitator.

Step Four: Live

With an understanding of self and other working styles, you will put these into action in the outdoors, guided by our expert instructors. This may include high ropes, group bush navigation, a team kayaking mission.

Step Five: Embed

Hold a post course session to embed learnings back into your workplace with our facilitator guiding debrief and feedback discussions.

Minimum numbers required: 5 people

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