We provide team building and leadership development programmes for professional groups, including one day and short experiential learning programmes.

With our nationwide team of expert instructors and facilitators, we give you a unique experience on your doorstep using the beautiful outdoors of New Zealand as your training ground.

Our experiential approach to adventure-based team building is engaging and safe for everyone. And of course, individual boundaries and needs are acknowledged and respected.

Jayde Meech Live to Learn

Jayde Meech

I love New Zealand and everything our home has to offer.

I gained a passion for experiential learning while working for Outward Bound in the corporate and professional training sector.

After a number of life changing events, I very quickly learned that life is not a guarantee. I wanted to contribute to an offering that makes a difference in people’s lives, big or small.

Creating Live to Learn is about making experiential learning accessible in all corners of our country. It is a way of making it easier for everyone to gain experiences away from their ‘normal’, to learn about themselves, to learn about others and to have an epic time along the way.

Sally Duxfield Live to Learn Makahika Outdoor Pursuit Centre

Sally Duxfield

Sally Duxfield is the owner and Director of Contact N.Z. Ltd (consultancy), and Makahika OPC. Contact NZ’s corporate programmes are designed to meet the needs of individual organisations and they are often delivered in the ‘outdoor’ environment of Makahika OPC using experiential learning techniques.

With more than twenty years as the Director of Contact N.Z. Ltd Consultancy, and sixteen years in the NZ military, leading and contributing to the formation of high performance teams, Sally has immense knowledge of the motivation required to activate your business leaders and teams increasing their mental toughness and passion for leadership. Her ability to realise each individual’s interests, talents and styles translates into your team being recognised for their uniqueness and preferences.

Live to Learn facilitators at Makahika Outdoor Pursuit Centre


We have a pool of corporate facilitators who not only have extensive experience, but also a belief in experiential learning. We will team you up with the best facilitator to execute the most effective experience for your group.

Live to Learn Instructors at Makahika Outdoor Pursuit Centre


Our instructors hold qualifications ranging from recreation, teaching and sport. Each has skills in outdoor education, first aid, risk management and group facilitation, making them experts in their field.