Live to Learn brings a unique training experience to your organisation using the best New Zealand has to offer, the great outdoors.


By completing our custom-designed challenges, your team will develop the skills and tools they need to succeed at their jobs and in every aspect of their lives.

What better way to learn than to live it. In real time, in real life. No role playing. Live to Learn.



The Courageous Leadership Series

Live to Learn has partnered with Makahika OPC and Contact NZ, to form The Triptych Alliance. Together we’ll deliver uniquely designed experiences for the constantly changing needs of today’s workforce; The Courageous Leadership Series.

The Courageous Leadership series is a sequence of development offerings that have been created to furnish every level of leader, providing opportunities to develop skills that build your toolkit for the workplace and everyday life.



what we do

We provide experiences that allow you to learn and develop real life scenario’s with your team. This could be the experience that brings your people together.


About us

We provide team building and leadership development programmes for professional groups, including one day and short experiential learning programmes.


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